15 Inspirational Quotes from 2015

This post was originally published on Medium. This year, we celebrated over 100 stories. These people inspired us to make an impact in the world. Their philanthropic passions were vast, including education, health, homeless, poverty, tech, youth and beyond.

From volunteers to professionals dedicated to careers in service, their collective impact is mighty. To end 2015, we share 15 inspirational philanthropic quotes from this year. May your 2016 be filled with giving of time, money and skills. Cheers to philanthropy!

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“It’s seemed crazy to me that despite the world being more connected than ever before, we hadn’t figured out a way to use those human connections to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, like lack of access to healthcare. The world is getting smaller, and I saw Watsi as an opportunity to connect people and make it better.”

Grace Garey, Watsi.org, Director of Communications

“I bake muffins and give them to homeless people in San Francisco. I grew up near San Francisco and I truly love the city. When I hear outsiders coming in and complaining about homelessness, it makes me profoundly uncomfortable. These people speak about the homeless people as if they aren’t human–talking about them as if they have moral failings that have led them to be homeless. There’s a lot of lack of understanding of the homeless population, or really a lack of empathy. When I moved back to SF 4 years ago, I wanted to do something to help the homeless, but I didn’t know what.”

Jacob “Muffin Man” Kaufman, Co-Founder, National Muffin Day 1–31–16

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Julia Levy, Founder, has a decade of development experience, including working for a philanthropist, a small nonprofit and now a large nonprofit. She has raised significant dollars for numerous causes, from education to religion and from donors of all ages. Julia holds a Certificate in Fundraising from NYU’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Julia has taught fundraising workshops, most recently at Brooklyn Brainery and coached development professionals.

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