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I believe the world is always in need of individuals who are passionate about creating companies that also create some sort of social impact.

For our readers who might not be familiar, tell us what SocialGive™ does.

SocialGive™ is a mobile nonprofit fundraising platform. In a social media centric world, SocialGive™ enables donors to seamlessly integrate charitable giving into their day, without having to change anything about their daily routine.

By adding an incremental monetary value to different social media engagements, SocialGive™ gives users the power to micro-donate to social causes that matter to them simultaneously as they use social media. It will also provide nonprofits a means to tap into the virtual pocket change of donors in order to generate consistent new revenue streams.

SocialGive™ targets the intersection of powerful trends: the progression of social media usage, the growth of mobile donating, and the rising popularity of crowdfunding. The mission is to redefine and democratize traditional means of philanthropy by innovating an affordable and convenient fundraising tool.

What motivated you to start the app?

The idea behind SocialGive™ is deeply rooted in the mission trips I did with my church when I was young. These trips helped me to understand the world in its truest form by forcing me to face levels of poverty and inequality most of my peers could not even imagine. Being exposed to such realities made me want to dedicate my professional career to the social sector. I knew I could make a legit impact on society and felt it was my duty to catalyze positive change as much as possible.

Throughout my professional career, I worked with surfeit of transformative nonprofits ran by mission driven individuals all working to address many problems of our society. I started paying attention to how millennials were becoming the next largest demographic of donors, while being the most frequent users of social media. I decided to capitalize on this trend and came up with a concept that would fuse charitable giving with people’s everyday activities, thus ended up innovating SocialGive™.

What impact have you seen thus far on nonprofits and/or donors?

SocialGive is still in a live beta. We’re currently going through feedback-reiteration loops to perfect the platform in order to make it as effective and engaging as possible.

Since donors are three times less likely to make a donation simply because it’s too difficult/inconvenient to donate through a smartphone, smartphones caused U.S. nonprofits to lose $6.5 billion in donations in 2015 (PocketCause). If nonprofits/fundraisers are not engaging donors on their mobile devices, they are unknowingly handicapping their organizations fundraising efforts. Especially when more than 1 in 6 donors are using a mobile device (NPengange).
The impact we’re anticipating is innovating an effective way for nonprofits to engage with their mobile donors and an effective way for mobile donors to conveniently donate to nonprofits that matter to them.

What does Social Give look like in 5 years?  

Sure, a goal is to create a tool that empowers donors, facilitates numerous donations, and benefits a diverse portfolio of nonprofits, but it’s much bigger than that. In 5 years I envision SocialGive™ being a full scale tech social enterprise where I can focus on recruiting talent from underrepresented communities and lower the barriers normally associated with technology. By creating a means to expose underrepresented talent to tech, I can catalyze opportunities for minorities in the nation’s fastest-growing, highest-paying industry. I believe this is crucial for economic progress and opportunity in minority America.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs in the social impact sphere?
I believe the world is always in need of individuals who are passionate about creating companies that also create some sort of social impact. My advice? Always believe in yourself. Even when the odds are against you, it doesn’t mean give up. It just means that you may have to hustle twice as hard to reach your goal. With the right amount of confidence, resilience, determination, and humility, success always follow.

Claire Stack


Claire Stack is a events and volunteer management professional working in higher education and based in New York City. Claire is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Theater and Psychology. She is passionate about women's causes, the arts, and education.

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