Animal Helpers


Amie Chapman

My husband and I learned how to train service dogs through puppy groups, and we got a really awesome puppy (named Macklin) who flew through the training. At graduation, when I saw how much Macklin bonded to his new partner who he would be helping, it finally hit me how powerful it is to raise…


Kevin Scelfo

Jacqueline Novogratz inspires me. She founded Acumen Fund, which, in their words, is a venture capital fund for the poor.  They don’t look to make VC like returns, but rather provide “patient capital” to entrepreneurs looking to make large changes in challenged regions.  I really hope that someday I can run a fund like she does.



Without a Guide Dog, it was like being in a canoe against a current, but with a Guide Dog, it was like being in a sailboat gliding smoothly along on my travels.  Everyone agrees, we guide dogs are amazing.

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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