Jodi Spangler

Jodi Spangler is driven to close the gap of healthcare access across the world. As an adventurist she has been exposed to the list of human needs that most first and second world countries take for granted. She has initiated nonprofit programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, India and in the United States. Her most recent…


Susan Malcolm

I’ve been teaching yoga for 20 years. I found that I was only teaching the very affluent, so I began to look for programs where I could be of service to the community and found the Lineage Project. I am one of two board members for the Lineage Project who has also taught classes for…


Bob Reina

Founder and CEO, TalkFusion What organization(s) do you support with your time and dollars? Share why. I love to give back to animal charities. Something I’ve always loved about pets is how they accept and love you unconditionally, no matter who you are or what’s going in your life. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if…

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