Direct Service


Benjamin Nathan

One tradition I love is giving a dollar bill to someone before they go on a journey. The idea is to safeguard the person’s travels by asking them to be the messenger of your good deed, delivering that dollar to someone in need when they reach their destination. I do this all the time –…


Tami Reiss

Recently, I gave the largest amount I’ve ever donated to a campaign to help Isidore Electronics Recycling, a social enterprise in Los Angeles expand their capacity for business with an industrial truck. They give ex-convicts jobs where they can learn marketable skills and begin acclimating to non-prison life.


National Muffin Day 2016

The final tally of participants in National Muffin day 2016 is 105. We may have a few additions, but are so inspired by the one hundred and five giving souls from the Bay Area, New York City, Sacramento, Seattle, D.C., Kentucky, Miami, Boston, Canada, and even Hong Kong who put on their aprons and baked…


Cindy Greenberg

  On Saturday, 3/21, from 10:30am-2pm, give back at Brooklyn Schools painting murals at MS 334 and MS 354 with our community. This day is part of NYCares Love Brooklyn Day. When you register, include Why We Give in how you found out about this project. 


Justin Cole

I’m  inspired these days by people who surprise me, such as the individual who gives generously even with a small salary or people whose compassion and sincerity may shine brightest while they’re volunteering. These small acts restore your faith in humanity and remind you why you give.

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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