Laura Prigoff

Katrina hit when I was 17-years old and still figuring out my core values. I realized that my deep connection to philanthropy and social justice. I decided to join AmeriCorps and spend 10 months working with the St. Bernard Project to help continue that important work I started in college. 


Naomi Hochberg

Nepali people are some of the most optimistic, spiritual and welcoming I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was treated like family as soon as I arrived in their country so to see such wide spread devastation and despair made me want to do as much as I could to help.


Pray for Nepal

With Why We Give, we focus on individuals who help. With the devastating earthquake in Nepal,  our attention turns to the masses in need of help. Most recently, we got to know the beautiful country of Nepal through the eyes of philanthropists Sarah Levine who calls Nepal home and J.R. Rothstein who recently visited.  As communities come together to support…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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