Amy Crowell

Profession: Partner, Next Stage Advisors (non-profit fundraising consultants) and author of The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising Location: Atlanta, GA LinkedIn: NextStageAdv Amy has more than two decades of helping non-profits maximize their impact via improved strategy, marketing and fundraising, including volunteer and employee engagement. Prior to founding Next Stage Advisors, Amy was a leader…


National Muffin Day 2017

Please bake muffins for homeless people on Sunday January 29th and make it known using #givemuffins. For every baker, the Muffin Man and friends will donate dollars. Check out the official National Muffin Day Homepage for more participation details and goodness! Webpage: Medium Post: Follow us on Twitter: @natlmuffinday Follow us on Instagram: @natlmuffinday


Evan Delahanty

Peaceful Fruits is a social good snack company that is committed to sustainability and economic empowerment – in the Amazon Rainforest where we harvest our fruit and here in Akron, Ohio where we employ people with disabilities to make our snacks. That social mission is built into the core of the business because it has…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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