Giving Experiments


Jodi Spangler

Jodi Spangler is driven to close the gap of healthcare access across the world. As an adventurist she has been exposed to the list of human needs that most first and second world countries take for granted. She has initiated nonprofit programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, India and in the United States. Her most recent…


Taking Philanthropic Leaps in 2016

By design, philanthropy makes us stretch — giving from one to another. With an extra day this month, we asked Why We Give’s community to share how they aspire to give differently in 2016. Here are 18 reflections, paraphrased from our conversation, at this month’s Philanthropic Friday Dinner: The language we use to describe a disability needs…


Your Philanthropic Phirst Date

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we would like to invite our community to give and we’ll reward you for your philanthropy. Select a nonprofit of your choice and make at least a minimum gift of $10 (between 2/13 and 2/29/2016). Then, fill out our short survey below or via this link. And we’ll do our best to…


Nikki Lee

What if people had the same feelings about the charity they support as they do about their iPhone — what’s the best way to do that? … Location: Seattle, Washington Profession: Program Manager, Microsoft Twitter: @nkkl About: Nikki published a post “How To Win Friends & Give Away Your Money” on Medium in December 2014. This…

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