Jodi Spangler

Jodi Spangler is driven to close the gap of healthcare access across the world. As an adventurist she has been exposed to the list of human needs that most first and second world countries take for granted. She has initiated nonprofit programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, India and in the United States. Her most recent…


Evan Delahanty

Peaceful Fruits is a social good snack company that is committed to sustainability and economic empowerment – in the Amazon Rainforest where we harvest our fruit and here in Akron, Ohio where we employ people with disabilities to make our snacks. That social mission is built into the core of the business because it has…


Dena Shaffer and Morgan Jawitz

As an educator and Rabbi, Dena Shaffer teaches her students about community service. She also takes them to give back directly. This interview showcases Dena and her student Morgan Jawitz who are committed to giving back to Haiti. They are traveling to Haiti this summer.

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists,┬ámaking a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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