Michael Seiler

“We are building a Swiss Army Knife for activism and activists.” Profession: Co-founder, Torch™ Website: Twitter Handle: @mseiler1 Michael Seiler grew up in NYC and attended the Cornell University program in Applied Engineering. There the saying for engineers was “Either have friends and see them, do well in school, or sleep. Pick 2.” He chose friends…


Max Zorick

“One of our most impactful and longest-standing social impact programs is our Opportunity Fund, which provides 100% fully-funded scholarships to our immersive courses for low-income individuals, with a special focus on underrepresented communities in tech jobs: women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and veterans.” Profession: Social Impact Manager, General Assembly Location: New York, New York Tell us about your role…


Mattan Griffel

When I taught myself to code, I felt like I suddenly developed that superpower of an artist –  the ability to  ​take  something inside my head and share it with people to experience it together.


Aaron Holiday

My wife and I personally organize a fundraiser each year called The Holiday Party, which is an opportunity to bring our networks together to raise money for causes we care about.  I’ve been fortunate to build a career and a network around people who are very diverse, who are all special and amazing people. I…


Racquel Pryce

Age: 18 School: High School for Global Citizenship – Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY How did you find out about New York On Tech? My assistant principal told us about the program and we signed up that day! What has been the most exciting part of your experience so far? For me the most exciting most…


Deniz Onal

I love emerging technology and entrepreneurship. I think it’s really important to provide students with a better understanding of what types of jobs are out there. I find that when you’re in high school, you don’t understand what career paths exist. New York On Tech provides transparency for students, giving them insights into the different…

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