“A philanthropist is anyone who gives anything- time, money, experience, skills, networks- in any amount, to create a better world.”

  • Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, author of Giving 2.0

Utilizing this definition, our parameters for including a philanthropist’s story include any of the following qualities:

  • Made a “meaningful” donation of time, skills, or dollars
  • Participated in this act of philanthropy within the past 365 days
  • Contributed to a nonprofit or personal cause

Most of our stories are personally curated by us, but if you have or know of a unique philanthropic story that should be featured, submit your suggestions by sending us an email to stories@whywegive.co with the following information included:

  • Tell us who you are on Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Share what inspires you to give and your philanthropy of choice
  • Provide a photograph

You’ll hear from us just as fast as you say Sacagawea (the face of our favorite coin – the golden dollar).

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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