Jonathan Jackson

I’m where I am today because I have a bunch of grace all over my life, and a village who looks out for me. Too many people gave too much for me to be here. I have to pay it forward.  

Twitter: @Jon__Jackson

Location: New York, New York

Profession: Program Manager, LinkedIn

What’s your connection to New York on Tech?

I’ve known Jess & Evin for a few years now, and was on their Brain Trust Council in 2014. New York On Tech is family. What they are doing is not just a good idea. It’s building a future pipeline of high achieving students, who have the skills, confidence, and desire to be in the tech industry and set a new standard.

How do you give back to the organization?

There are lots of opportunities to increase exposure for the students they help, and I’m in an environment that actively promotes that. As they try to change the outcomes for students in New York, it helps to have someone on the inside of a company who If there are opportunities for people to come and get It’s less about the work I do and how I see myself as a nexus point for them. I try to give them the best of me and through that, I’m able to see the impact that they have. I am connector and facilitator. If there is something relevant or beneficial, I’m going to tell them and connect them where it makes sense.

Can you share one impactful story the organization has had on you.

When this most recent cohort of students came for their first visit to LinkedIn, there was a student who came up to me, from Trinidad and Tobago. She talked about how hard moving has been, especially when her friends are still on the island, and the transition to American culture and the city in general. It was almost like looking at what my mom must have gone through when she first came here. Access means everything when you’re trying to self determine your own future. New York on Tech is giving that to students, which has a ripple effect into families and communities.

Who inspires you to give back?

I’m where I am today because I have a bunch of grace all over my life, and a village who looks out for me. Too many people gave too much for me to be here. I have to pay it forward.  

What motivated you to get involved?

Jess and Evin are giving kids a curriculum of soft and hard skills. It’s not enough to say “hey, learn these skills, take these classes, and you’ll be fine.”  That doesn’t set you up for success. You need opportunity, access, exposure, and mentorship, which New York on Tech equips everyone one of their students with. They are closing the loop and involving parents, educators and students in the process. You can be from anywhere and do anything. Jess and Evin are proof of that, but they decided to remix their success, and give back at the same time. It’s a privilege to be involved in anything they are doing.  


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