Day 3

What places inspire you to give? The spice markets of India, a family cabin in the words or _______? #100daysofWhyWeGive #the100dayproject Tell us on Instagram or Facebook or comment below.


Day 2

Day 2: What is one simple act of giving people can do on a daily basis? by Selina Ang. Comment below or share your thoughts on our Instagram and Facebook posts. #100daysofWhyWeGive #the100DayProject Share your answer with us!


Day 1

Since launching, we’ve asked about 948 questions to our ordinary philanthropists. The first question we ask is the one we’ve selected to kick off this series. Share your philanthropic points of view with all us on Facebook or Instagram.


Jodi Spangler

Jodi Spangler is driven to close the gap of healthcare access across the world. As an adventurist she has been exposed to the list of human needs that most first and second world countries take for granted. She has initiated nonprofit programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, India and in the United States. Her most recent…


Helene Kahn

Manager of Partnership Development and Volunteer Recruitment Thread, Inc. Baltimore, MD   Tell us about your day-to-day work. I am responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and training volunteers and cultivating meaningful partnerships. What do you look for in volunteers or partners? The vision at Thread is about changing power dynamics in society. We look for partnerships…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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