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Aaron Saxe

When I was a young teenager, my grandparents set up a donor advised fund (like a personal philanthropic bank account) for each of their six grandchildren. This approach to engaging the next generation in family philanthropy served a dual purpose for my grandparents. Location: San Francisco, California Profession: Program Officer, Jim Joseph Foundation


Jane Finette

Giving back is how I created The Coaching Fellowship. What started as my personal goal to give back and coach a handful of young women leaders in the impact space, is now a tri-annual program which has reached 250+ women in 41 countries. I have enabled and created a network of 70 coaches, who just…


Amie Chapman

My husband and I learned how to train service dogs through puppy groups, and we got a really awesome puppy (named Macklin) who flew through the training. At graduation, when I saw how much Macklin bonded to his new partner who he would be helping, it finally hit me how powerful it is to raise…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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