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Benjamin Nathan

One tradition I love is giving a dollar bill to someone before they go on a journey. The idea is to safeguard the person’s travels by asking them to be the messenger of your good deed, delivering that dollar to someone in need when they reach their destination. I do this all the time –…


Joanne Wilson

The first major philanthropic gift that my husband and I gave was to Madison Square Park in NYC.  Our first apartment was up the street from the park.  We walked through it every single day.  When we lived there the park was super gritty but it was our park.  We had just moved to the…


Laura Prigoff

Katrina hit when I was 17-years old and still figuring out my core values. I realized that my deep connection to philanthropy and social justice. I decided to join AmeriCorps and spend 10 months working with the St. Bernard Project to help continue that important work I started in college. 


Ryan Friedrichs

We love its tough, gritty and innovative spirit.  We love the strength of community and resilience of the city through hard times and creativity of its neighborhoods.  As someone fascinated by history, there are few towns in the world with more interesting history than Detroit — it built the Arsenal of Democracy that won WWII, it put the…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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