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Aaron Saxe

When I was a young teenager, my grandparents set up a donor advised fund (like a personal philanthropic bank account) for each of their six grandchildren. This approach to engaging the next generation in family philanthropy served a dual purpose for my grandparents. Location: San Francisco, California Profession: Program Officer, Jim Joseph Foundation


Sam Slaughter

There’s not the time for journalists to spend researching these big ideas that can change the world–stories that shine a light on things that ordinarily we’d have no idea about. We saw that opportunity. Our business was doing well. We thought – we were making money, why couldn’t we give back at the same time?


Ryan Friedrichs

We love its tough, gritty and innovative spirit.  We love the strength of community and resilience of the city through hard times and creativity of its neighborhoods.  As someone fascinated by history, there are few towns in the world with more interesting history than Detroit — it built the Arsenal of Democracy that won WWII, it put the…


Jenna Weinberg

In my junior year of college, I participated in a retreat called Grand Street (run by 21/64), which provides a network and tools for young adults who might be involved with their family’s philanthropy one day. This retreat was life changing and eye opening. It empowered me to ask my parents the questions about this…

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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