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Leah Moschella

Many people sacrificed time and energy to ensure that I was constantly learning, exploring, and believing in myself. I am forever grateful for their support. My goal with GLOW is to provide the same opportunities, confidence and resources, so that a whole new generation of women can feel as empowered as I have felt. Through…



With today’s news of another earthquake in Nepal, we are thinking of our friends in the country. In particular, Sarah Levine has reached out to share a relief effort she is spearheading. It’s rooted in Nepalese culture, our common love for food and hopefully your participation.  With Why We Give, we have leveraged the power…


Pray for Nepal

With Why We Give, we focus on individuals who help. With the devastating earthquake in Nepal,  our attention turns to the masses in need of help. Most recently, we got to know the beautiful country of Nepal through the eyes of philanthropists Sarah Levine who calls Nepal home and J.R. Rothstein who recently visited.  As communities come together to support…


Kevin Scelfo

Jacqueline Novogratz inspires me. She founded Acumen Fund, which, in their words, is a venture capital fund for the poor.  They don’t look to make VC like returns, but rather provide “patient capital” to entrepreneurs looking to make large changes in challenged regions.  I really hope that someday I can run a fund like she does.


Alon Shalev

There is something unique to the qualities of people who gravitate to the nonprofit world. Whatever their cause, they are sustained by passion and commitment. When you casually ask: “how’s work?” and they get fired up with their reply, well, it still gives me a chill.

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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