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Joanne Wilson

The first major philanthropic gift that my husband and I gave was to Madison Square Park in NYC.  Our first apartment was up the street from the park.  We walked through it every single day.  When we lived there the park was super gritty but it was our park.  We had just moved to the…


Digital Philanthropy Panel

On 5/6, we hosted an event at General Assembly with the following organizations and professionals: Dollar a Day: @cassmarketos from @dollaraday 92Y: @radiofreeasha from @92Y Awesome Foundation NYC: @jcn from @awesomenyc Do Something: @naomi_nyc from @dosomething Our topic was the following: our increasingly digital world is poised to revolutionize philanthropy — shifting the idea of “giving” from top-dollar-donations-only to more decentralized efforts of community-based charity. This change…


Jesse Chan-Norris and Lee-Sean Huang

Now, the founder is a Trustee at Awesome Foundation New York. That’s a really great feeling to know that he was committed to our investment in him that he wanted to give back to others…. Awesome Foundation New York Twitter: @awesomenyc On a rainy, wintry mix filled Saturday afternoon, I spent time with Lee-Sean Huang…

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