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Benjamin Nathan

One tradition I love is giving a dollar bill to someone before they go on a journey. The idea is to safeguard the person’s travels by asking them to be the messenger of your good deed, delivering that dollar to someone in need when they reach their destination. I do this all the time –…


Esther Dyson

I’ll always remember my fourth-grade teacher telling me: “Look, dear, I wouldn’t bother to criticize you if I didn’t think you could do so much better!” Location: Moscow, Russia and New York, New York Profession:  Chairman of EDventure Holdings Twitter Handle: @edyson What was the first philanthropic gift you gave?: The first time I ever…


Tami Reiss

Recently, I gave the largest amount I’ve ever donated to a campaign to help Isidore Electronics Recycling, a social enterprise in Los Angeles expand their capacity for business with an industrial truck. They give ex-convicts jobs where they can learn marketable skills and begin acclimating to non-prison life.


Benjamin Feit

The best part about working at Democracy Prep — you are not just thinking about narrowing the achievement gap, you are thinking about the macro implications of what you are actually trying to accomplish, what is your theory of change and how is this going to manifest in real life. When you see that active…


Mattan Griffel

When I taught myself to code, I felt like I suddenly developed that superpower of an artist –  the ability to  ​take  something inside my head and share it with people to experience it together.

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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