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Benjamin Nathan

One tradition I love is giving a dollar bill to someone before they go on a journey. The idea is to safeguard the person’s travels by asking them to be the messenger of your good deed, delivering that dollar to someone in need when they reach their destination. I do this all the time –…


Lauren Shoolman

“I feel privileged to get to work on a daily basis with donors because I get to witness the best side of humanity – people’s generosity and compassion.” Location: New York. New York Profession: Development Professional What was the first charitable gift you ever gave?: Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate to have been exposed…


David Kim

I hope that we (The Gates Foundation) will be able to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives by designing and delivering beautiful and impactful financial products for the 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2/day…. 


Rebecca Fishman

I’m a “Muppet Advisor” for Sesame Workshop’s newest character, Raya, who teaches children about hand washing and other healthy water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) behaviors. She is the first Muppet specifically developed to address a pressing global health concern in multiple countries

Why We Give tells stories of ordinary philanthropists, making a difference, dollar by dollar and hour by hour.  

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