The Muffin

Today was about more than just a muffin. It was about what the idea of a muffin could do for someone homeless and hungry. It was also about calling attention to a cause in need of support.

Who knew that a small sugary baked good could add so much joy to someone’s life? It’s earned its title today with National Muffin Day. Despite Blizzard Juno in NYC, these muffins added warmth to winter around the United States. From baking parties in San Francisco, California (which had the largest participation!) to deliveries to food pantries in Ithaca, New York, it’s been humbling to view the participation of so many in a cause that Jacob “Muffin Man” Kaufman devotes energy to addressing each week.

Through the power of serendipity and the internet, we connected with Marnie Gelfman and would like to showcase what she shared with us about her participation. We’d love to hear from others:

I really enjoyed baking the pumpkin, chocolate chip muffins and it became a family discussion around helping those less fortunate. I even used some of the  Swiss  chocolate in my muffins that my Friend Gligor (who I believe you know brought back for me from his trip). I love swiss chocolate. So, I thought I would share this in the muffins to make them delicious… I drove around for almost an hour in the snow yesterday trying to find the homeless shelter with my platter of muffins. Once inside, it looked like these men had seen better days. The man behind the front desk said this donation could not have come at a better time. With the impending storm these men were cold. Thank you for suggesting this beautiful act of kindness.

While we don’t have a tally quite yet, but just to show you how much the matching donation will make, here are some powerful facts from Project Homeless Connect.

  • $1.50 will buy one pair of socks
  • $2.50 supplies five pairs of reading glasses
  • $40 covers five DMV IDs for participants
  • $50 gives one pair of prescription glasses
  • $1000 provides a new set of dentures

Another ordinary philanthropist has made a call to action, calling for a Town Hall to address homeless needs. He’s looking for 1,000 signatures to make the idea a reality. These highlights from Muffin Day are just the beginning. If you #givemuffins and it’s not featured below that’s because of privacy settings so unhide yourself for this one day to show us all the good you did. To use alliteration, Muffin Monday was magnetic!



Julia Levy, Founder, has a decade of development experience, including working for a philanthropist, a small nonprofit and now a large nonprofit. She has raised significant dollars for numerous causes, from education to religion and from donors of all ages. Julia holds a Certificate in Fundraising from NYU’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Julia has taught fundraising workshops, most recently at Brooklyn Brainery and coached development professionals.

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